Homemade Popsicle Molds Sha …

full title: Homemade Popsicle Molds Shapes, Food Grade Silicone Frozen Ice Popsicle Maker BPA-Free, with 50 Popsicle Sticks 50 Popsicle Bags Silicone Funnel and Ice Pop Recipe Book

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SILICONE:This popsicle mold is made of SILICONE(BPA FREE), safe to use.

EASY TO USE:This popsicle tray comes with 50 popsicle sticks and 50 popsicle bags, each time you are able to make 10 3.2 OZ popsicles, You can put these 10 ice sticks in the popsicle bag, and then you can make another 10.

MULTI-USE:Fill with juice, puree, yogurt, apple sauce, ice cream and more

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