YuMe 10″ DZNR Batman …

full title: YuMe 10″ DZNR Batman 80th Anniversary Collector Plush – Blackout Limited Edition

4.7 out of 5 stars via 121 ratings

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CALLING ALL COLLECTORS – DZNR 10″ Blackout Batman Chibi Plush by YuMe makes the perfect addition to any Batman collection. The Blackout Batman is a limited edition and made from premium materials with a dark look that evokes Batman’s mysterious characteristics and sense of resolve

COLLECT THE FULL SERIES – Batman DZNR series features core designs, including dark Knight, camo, modern age, emblem, Logo and blackout. Collect them all to complete the series

HIGH QUALITY, HIGHLY-STYLIZED – Batman DZNR series is made with high quality, premium plush making each chibi Ultra soft and vibrant in color

see details on amazon

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